Why not create a completely unique gift for that really special occasion.
The Gold Plated Gifts Group (West Midlands)  would love to work with a few discerning people who have a set budget but would like something bespoke as a gift or reward for a special occasion or event. You can do this either of the following ways which are controlled by you and your requirements:
 1/. Tell us your maximum budget (anything over £25) and we will suggest some options to consider
 2/. Tell us of a gift you have, or intend to buy, that is made of metal and we will tell you how much it will cost to have it plated in any of the l        luxurious plates detailed below once you send it to us
The different available plates are:
1/. 24k Gold
2/. 9k-22k Gold
3/. Rose Gold
4/. White Gold
5/. Platinum
6/. Rhodium
7/. Chrome
8/. Nickel
9/. Copper
With this unique service you will be able to give something that will stay in the memory and heart of the recipient for ever.
Just complete the form here and someone will amaze you with what they can do for your budget
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